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Artistic Loft presents

Timeless and simple. ‘Everything has already been done and seen ‘is the current theme so the search is on for something NEW. Eccentricity rules. Simplicity is identified with shoddiness, poor quality and an excuse for an artist’s lack of precision and poor quality of materials. Artists abhor beauty and search for inspiration in landfills. Should technologically advanced society satisfy their higher needs in a primitive way? It’s nothing more than a way to create another midden. What we are willing to accept in an art gallery is not always welcome in our home. An impasse, because art unwanted is the art rejected. Galery69 has a completely different offer. Without much ado we present art objects and paintings that provide harmonious support. We exhibit all that an intellectually developed modern person needs- expressive and perfectly executed, sublime art. Everyday objects-chairs, lamps, tables, all raised to the ranks of true art yet comfortable to use. Made of natural, renewable resources, made to last for generations and not just for a fleeting fashionable moment. Just like paintings, timeless, relevant in the past and present. Abstract and expressive enough to withstand the test of time yet providing harmony and tranquility.

…. Our plans are slowly coming to fruition-soon our calendar for 2021 will be full.