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Warmia is really a historical region and rich in objects that you must see.

Neighborhood. Let us give you a hint what you can do once you have arrived.

Olsztyn and the historical heritage of Warmia: Medieval Teutonic Castles Trail, Museum of Ethnography in Olsztynek, Palaces and Mansions of former East Prussia, the biggest in Europe medieval fortress in Malbork and many other historical sites such as Grunwald battlefield where every July modern knights and medieval times fans from all over Europe meet to re-enact the battle fought 600 years ago and to revive old customs. Warmia and Mazury region beckons with huge forests and over 1000 lakes, not to mention pure, clean air free of smog.

for 6 seasons Galery69

Warmia and Mazury for all seasons of the year. We dream of a sunny and hot place but we are also glad the way it is. Whoever really dreams of a Greek summer should immediately go to Greece. Masuria is different … here you come for this diversity, which gives us climate and landscape. We come for the sun and the rain, the wind and the silence, the laziness and activity. Every day can be different and provide us with many experiences, thanks to the diversity. This is perfect weather for contemplating in deck chairs and a hammock, for sailing and canoeing, for fishing, for swimming, for running and biking, for picking mushrooms and berries, and for riding horses. Where else in Europe you can experience that much in a few days? Winter? Winter is a particularly beautiful time of the year for us. A great hush falls over us along with the snow.  The evenings are wonderfully long and the days so short that it is difficult to get tired.  So we relax! But not all at once…first you go out out into the ice and snow.  A frozen lake provides much more fun than a lapping lake.  Above this this great white space is perfect for walks and admiration.  You can head out into this snowy desert on cross-country skis, race around on down-hill skis being pulled by a quad, dash about on skates, try kite snowboarding or finally….race in an iceboat! Nothing gives us an adrenaline rush like iceboating!

Did you know that the world’s leader ice boaters come from Warmia and Mazury, the land of a thousand lakes? Could there be a better place to do this incredible sport?  Karol Jabłonski, world champion ice boater many times over doesn’t miss a single winter. This is his time as well as for many others of this sport’s greatest who are „our” people.

To express a though  for fans  of advanced technology: high-tech clothing and a hard frost….Where can you test super technological boots made for -30 degrees? Or a super light jacket made from an unknown material?  Downtown? In shopping mall?  No of course. This can be learnt only snow, on a frozen lake or in a frozen forest. And when you start a fire, its warmth and aroma will reach your imagination  of early life, because the warmth of your winter equipment blocks any eventual unpleasant experiences such as cold and dampness.

Information: the hotel provides free of charge skates, sleds, forms for building igloos and other other necessary equipment. You can order your own iceboating course or quad-pulled sleigh ride or skiring. Ski boots and skis can be rented (make order at least two days earlier and provide shoe size).


With each person who understands Masuria this way we can shake their hand. We spread in front of them a range of opportunities for both an actively and leisurely spent time and start dozing endorphins. Open your eyes to the beauty of the surrounding nature and we will point the places where it tastes the best! Meet our inexhaustible source of inspiration…