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21 rooms, each different

It’s like being in a boutique- no two things are the same, each is special, each worth a second glance. The southwest facing rooms with an amazing view on the lake are our gems. No need to look for the lake struggling through the reeds- just stretch your hand and you can almost touch it. The view alone is not enough? Well, we have 2 studios, so the guests can enjoy the charming vistas and the extra space. Travelling with children? Two family rooms where you can relax with the kids are at your disposal. We always lodge families with children in apartments, as there is no extra bed, or space for an additional bed, in other rooms. Should it happen that the family rooms are not available, please consider booking at a different date. We would love to grant you your wish, but the hotel simply cannot accommodate a large group of children all at once. Wing rooms are of course in the wings of the building. True, they do not offer the spectacular view of the lake as the southwest facing rooms and the studios, but they do have another advantage-a lower price. There are 3 east facing rooms, as well. The rooms are fairly small and without the view on the lake, however, they are perfect for one night stay if you are on a business trip. We would not recommend these rooms for a weekend or holidays, well, unless all other rooms are taken and the summer is in its full glory; warm sun and the lake will redress the lack of the view and the affordable price means you will have extra funds to splurge in Galery69 restaurant where you may grab the table with the best view.

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