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Closer to the world

Since January 2016 our region boasts of a new airport in Szymany, Olsztyn-Mazury Airport, that has given us connections with the great cities of Europe.
Berlin! London! Munich! Cracow! Wrocław! And more destinations yet to come. (Flights schedule)
And to get from Szymany to Galery69 you must cover a mere 75 kilometres of a scenic road.

How to do it?
1. Taxi: 70-100EUR (Reception will book a trusty cabbie).
2. Rental car (LINK car rental operates at the airport).
3. Railcar (The timetable is not correlated with all arrivals but why not check this option too? The railcar will take you to Olsztyn Główny station and from there you can take a bus. Bus station is near Statoil gas station. Timetable available on LINK.)
We have carefully analysed the time and expenses and the best option is TAXI.

There are flights from all over the world to Warsaw. Should you land there, it takes 2.5 hours of smooth driving to Galery69. From Gdańsk it will take you about 2 hours to get here. If you wish a taxi, contact the Reception and we shall order one for you. One-way trip is about 200 Euros and return trip costs 300 Euros.
You can also rent a car at the airport- public transport in Poland is not as convenient as in western Europe, you may be forced to switch the mode of transportation more than once and that is a waste of time, sometimes relevant information is hard to get in foreign languages- in one word, for the time being this is not your best solution.