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Holidays or four days off!

Warmia welomes you!

[Interested in the region and our look at this wonder land I refer here: LINK]. Probably no one would like to be bored on the holiday, and certainly do not regard this as wasted time.

Why do we leave the house? There are so many reasons, and for some of them you should come to us:

1. We don’t want to look at our own house and do „sterile” operations – In G69 we will serve the breakfast, supper, or clean the small room. Nice!
2 We are curious about the world. Super! Warmia is an extraordinary place. Within a radius of 20 km from the hotel Galery69 waiting amazing places to see.
3 We are active, but the air fitness club already suffocating us. Our offer for physically active people is enormous: sail, paddle, bike, swimming, running. Every day can bring a different activity.
4 We are tired and lazy: In G69 you can do nothing but stare at the lake with Baby Cocoon or hammock. On cold days we have a blanket.
5 It seems to us that all is vanity: In G69 you will catch the wind in the sails. Here is an inexhaustible source of new stimuli and inspiration.

plan for seven days

Our plan for seven days has some ideas, but they should not be carried out in this order. This is our unpredictable weather will tell you what to do:

Day I. Take a tour Road Galery69 – eat outside the hotel to experience the flavors of Warmia.
Day II. Take a bike and a backpack with inventory picnic and go to the Forest Warmia Reserve.
Day III. Lyna or Marózka river rafting.
Day IV: Drive around our lake by bike [excellent scenic route, a total of 35 km], and then order a massage, swim in the lake or in the pool, bask in the dry sauna or steam room.
Day V: order the helmsman, or if you are a sailor rent our sailboat and travel around our great [about 1000 ha] lake.
Day VI: If you are a golfer we do not need to prompt, but if you’re curious about what’s going on in golf, it is necessary to look to the nearby Naterki [bike 25minut] and order your first individual lesson.
Day VII: Warmia is really a historical region and rich in objects that you have to see. For example, take the trail of the Holy Warmia as proposed by Zbigniew Kraśnik [I highly recommend his blog. It is a mine of information about Warmia provided by the excellent photographer] or to Reszel, Holy Lipka and Lezan.

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all seasons holidays 🙂

Priceless advice!

Wherever possible places worth visiting recommended hiring a guide! Knowledge of these people in an unusual way opens your eyes to what you look at.

Finally, do not forget the pleasure eating meals in our> restaurant <, where a wonderful view of the lake is not interfere with thick curtains or back parking lot. Also don’t forget about the contemplation of art: paintings, sculptures, our design. > Gallery Artists <

We wish you wonderful time!