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Pool & sauna

There is in a Galery69 a blue mosaic pool surrounded by rough grey stones which you can use exclusively, without entourage of stranger people. Tete-a-tete with himself, tete-atete with a close person, tete-a-tete with an art.

Swimming in the Galery69 pool is an aesthetic experience… Monumentality and peace. Harmony and consolation. Everybody can add something. Either way it’s a special place, which caress the senses. The pool’s size is 10m x 5m. Hot water. Water stream made by a turbine allows on an intensive training and underwater massage (look out with massage because the turbine is very strong!)

water is the essence – warm, hot, icy cold-and plenty of it.

The pool is available in price of the room between 7-9 a.m. and between 8-10 p.m.  – during the rest time it can be rent individual and exlusive (without other guests) according to the wellness price-list.Do not be deceive of this intimate character… there are rules which concern every user.Unfortunately!!! nudity, alcohol and sex are forbidden and customs and traditions are watched by the camera connected with the reception and big windows too.

Winter SPA on ice

Privat jacuzzi

a luxury bath for two..

Original, double Jacuzzi, which the basic advantage is hygienic formula. The bath is fill with water before every use . After bath a special program to disinfection snouts is started from the control desk, then the water is poured out. Situated in a bath room, to use elusively…


Privat steam bath

The cabin for 1-2 person, exclusive and intimate.

Blissful warm and delicate, soft as a velvet steam relax body and soul… The cabin for 1-2 person, exclusive and intimate. We recommend to use essential oils and undergo aromatherapy. Steam refreshes body and mind. Humid and warm of the Roman baths are known from ages. Blissful warm and delicate, soft as a velvet steam relax body and soul, which in conjunction with a cold shower is a perfect training for the skin and circulation. Mild temperature and high humidity loosen up one’s mussels and relax mind. The steam penetrate skin, precisely cleanse and regenerate. The temperature inside the steam sauna is up to 40-45 C degrees. We recommend to use the essential oils. We offer you an exclusive bath cabin for individual use only, equipment with system of steam, water massage: waterfall, tropical rain, massage head and traditional shower.