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Trail of good taste … or how to eat healthily

Warmia & Mazury, the land of milk and honey. As it was in the beginning ……

we go back to what has always been, to the natural. Offer of civilization has failed to meet a long time ago with the needs of living organisms. Cherry jam, made at home, tastes exceptionally, and honey smells like a meadow. Treasures of the year for the winter. These real, not cheated by sugar and preservative. Modern man knows what’s good and looks for this in the region of Warmia and Mazury. Former farmer could not stand the pressure of the food processing industry. He was replaced by „refugee” from the city, an educated and looking for natural food. Thanks to these people old technologies in food production are still alive. The resulting organic farms offering delicious dairy products, poultry and vegetables. The people of the city can once again enjoy the rural idyll. Cheers!

This is it of introduction … An appetite for natural food has grown. Especially for the people of the town, not to forget, we have prepared a proposal cuisine. Cheese at the beginning! Between: fish caught on rod, eccentric duck or goose with rural farms or milk lamb. Vegetables and herbs from the garden. Honey from the farm, homemade jam with yeast cake.

We start shopping. We set out for you on the ecological trail in order to purchase products directly from the source.SERY! 

Cheese! There are many of them and so excellent that everyone should be described separately. But we made the choice for you. If this choice is not accurate, please look at the blog of eminent Polish cheese lover, Eugene Mientkiewicz, and there seek further guidance and inspiration…. This way, please!

Manufacturer: Ranczo Frontiera

the heart of Mazury

mall organic farm located in the most beautiful region of Masuria, near Mrągowo. Sylvia and Ruslan, people with passion, after their escape from the bustling Poznan they produce cheese completely unique. Produced in small dairies, from raw milk using traditional recipes, and the total abandonment of chemistry. The entire production process, from cultivating the land, through the production of feed, feeding animals, maintenance and milking the animals, and the process of cheese making, carried out using only organic methods.

Frontiera Ranch is famous for its sheep’s cheeses. Outstanding and award-winning wherever it appears, blue sheep cheese tastes absolutely perfect. Velvet, pleasantly aromatic, bright, with beautiful blue-veined mold. Beauty! Also, a young sheep’s cheese with sparkling white color, which highlights the delicate but distinctive flavor.

Ermlaender – Warmia cheese Switzerland type, hard, mature.

Outstanding! Cheese produced by Thorsten Butha, a German who has been living from 17th years in Warmia. He came here to search for the natural world, to simply live and produce cheese.

Thorsten about cheese:

The cheese that I produce is called Ermlaender. It is a cheese made from raw milk from my two Jersey cows. Cows are commuting manually. Production is limited to the summer and autumn. Every day we process milk for 2 to 4 kg of cheese. Milk is heated with wood-fired cuisine. As an additive I use bacteria cultures of its own production and natural rennet from calf stomachs. No industry additives, only rock salt and sometimes also on special request green pepper, garlic and black cumin. The cheese ripens at least 4 weeks, and if it is possible even more, up to 3 months. Cheese is cherished every day, so it has natural skin. My cows do not get feed additives or corn, they eat only hay and grass and the meadows are used extensively. Calves receive mother breast milk up to 6 months.

This is not the end … there are also goat cheeses.

Near Jonkowo, among the fields is Dorothy’s goat ranch. This is not a big farm so you don’t always manage to „win” the cheese, but it is worth to wait in line. It’s just cheese boutique. Mrs. Dorothy makes these cheeses with passion of scientist and artist. Assortment is so rich. There are fluffy cottage cheese’s, and cream cheese’s with a soft Camembert rind [may take a long time to mature, up to a point where the content begins to flow, genius!] There is mozzarella and feta cheese marinated in olive oil and herbs.

With the cheese we need wine…

Why is it not Polish? Approx. Poland is not wine country, but they are passionate which are worth to mention in the context of the family [not industrial!] food manufacturing. In the district of Sandomierz, in Daromin, on 4 hectares of land is an excellent family – run winery Płochockich. This wine you have to try! I you will try it … Our wine menu is also decorate the vine from this great vineyard. And you can hear a lot about vine from our sommelier.



Do you like home made sourdough rye bread? Our cook will help you to knead the bread in 10 minutes. Then we’ll leave it to rise for 4 hours and bake it for 1.5 hour. Well, it needs to cool as well so why don’t we make it before the morning fishing expedition? Ah, our daily bread…let it be good and nourishing. In Galery69 we make our own bread-fragrant rye sourdough with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds. This is the bread to keep you healthy and your metabolism sound.

Underestimating grits … will be on our table. Millet. Delicious little fried with chopped onion. We will also serve the green lentils and jacket potatoes. The fish will be best with a variety of lettuce leaves … which happens to be found on the patch or the local vegetable market square. Such a market is in every town and it is really worth to look after it. For sure you will meet there reliable farmers who’ll bring their products.

Sweet honey … perfect for dessert, taste delicious with blue cheese, and the goat camembert. Apart from that roasted walnuts in honey and fluffy bun with cherry homemade jam. Honey we will bring from the apiary. We Recommend rape one! Warmia blossoms with yellow rapes, and the smell of it is close in the honey.

The whole sense and taste is in the fact that THIS is modern! Cited of history and tradition, forgotten in the era of aspiration industry and mass production, returns as a modern trend. And let it stay that way!

Enjoy a culinary meeting with no less than 10 and not more than 25 people. On the one hand, we cannot not to think about the economics of the project, on the other hand it cannot be mass event because we will lose the point. Offer of organization various stages of the trail is cost estimate on request.