8am - 22pm CET +48 606 743 890


All threads lead to the restaurant, forming the whole that is Galery69’s lifestyle.

Our visual aesthetic intertwines with carefully selected yet simple culinary and musical notes, which infuses the atmosphere. Simplicity and minimalism in a somewhat baroque form. Light filtered by the lake water is sometimes gold, sometimes azure – subject to nature’s whim. 

What is served? Only natural, healthy food, simple and tasty dishes, contemporary yet rooted in tradition. Polish, Mediterranean and Scandinavian cuisine inspire our cooking. Everything is cooked from scratch, no pre-mixed spice blends are used and the cooking is done in the spirit of slow food approach- if you are very impatient we may test your patience but a bottle of good wine and a few munchies will help you survive till the food arrives and believe me, it’s worth waiting for. Fish soup- a kind of our own Bouillabaisse and freshwater perch fried in garlic butter shall restore your good mood in no time. The truth is no one comes to Galery69 to simply appease the hunger. This is the place to savour the food and the lake views, to relish the design and the omnipresent ART. Enjoy!

During the summer season (from May till late September) we are able to serve only a limited number of guests from outside the hotel. Should you wish to come to dinner, please book the table in advance (by phone or e-mail).

Our cuisine is… light, easy and appetising. Salads, fish and seafood prepared with the lightest of touches. Wine and water. Our bouillabaisse is definitely our own… and the tiramisu