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Architecture & Location

Hotel Galery69 jest projektem „z jednej ręki”. Od marzeń po realizację, jeden duet, Manufaktura69, Małgosia i Wojtek

Central Europe. North-eastern Poland. The first large lake on the way to Warmia and Masuria. The first immense forest. The forest that reminds a large green spot on the map of Europe. By the Wulpinskie lakeside, in the neighborhood of Olsztyn – the capital of the province. Dorotowo village is situated along the eastern shore of the lake and was originally a fishing village. Nowadays it is a holiday resort. Warmia and Mazury for all seasons of the year.

Architecture, after drafting the contour as a horizontal projection, begins to grow like a plant. It is like a plant for the remaining interior, furniture and objects. It cannot be either to large, too small or overt-the-top. It must match with what is underneath. There must be a common colour scheme, texture and material. And it must be appropriate for the situation, meaning that the building must go with it surroundings. As if a dress code. In this environment we exist according to some set rules. But we do not exclude discrete originality.

The house

The hotel structure is harmoniously blended into the surrounding rural area. The pattern corresponds with the local tradition. Therefore, it has the simple pitched roof with the angle of depression of 45 degrees. Also wooden elevation is the traditional building material of Warmia and Masuria. The hue and rich texture relates to the modern times. The elevation consists of whitened planks so as to form a deep structure, while the roof is grey. The sun playing on the white planks enhances their whiteness and introduces contrast with the infinite azure of sky and vast surface of the lake, while the rain falling from the gray sky deepens their grayness. In this way, the building always imitates the color of the lake, never to overwhelm neighborhood despite the considerable size. On the contrary, it introduces peace and harmony. Location ensures miraculous panoramic view of the lake that was used up in the process of design. Each room, restaurant, bar, conference rooms has large glazing, and the view not obscured by anything. The building has 800 m2 of balconies and terraces, perfect to bathe in the midday sun and cherish the sunsets at the lake. The area at the front of the hotel is partly overgrown with lawn and partly occupied by the pier suspended over the surface of the lake. Our main objective was to expose the lake, so that nothing competes with it.