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And you simply can’t keep still!

Flamenco? Bachata? Tango?

Dance instructors prepare the guests for the evening party. We work with a very creative group of dancers who are simply itching to get you stomp and sway.

Magda Faszcza

temperamentna jak jej czerwona spódnica!

The lady is a trendsetter for flamenco in Olsztyn. She is fascinated with dance as a form of conveying the traditions, communicating and expressing emotions. She has introduced Olsztyn to flamenco, burlesque, belly dancing, Bollywood dance and Irish dancing and is still looking for new challenges and means to make her dreams come true. Should her energy ebb a bit, she’ll flee to Seville to charge her batteries and meet with other dance aficionados.  She runs her own dance studio -‘RYTM’ (‘Rhythm’) and has been an inspiration to many since 2002.