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Let’s cook together!

We absolutely adore inviting friends to cook together with us. There is something cosy and intimate in cooking and eating together and the bonds you develop sitting at the table remain strong for a long time. Cooking and feasting have always been a part of family life, so why not try this delicious integration with friends or co-workers?

We’ll make it simple-this ‘task’ should not burden the participants or be yet another goal to achieve. We want you to relax and feel happy. Our cooks always suggest making a fondue-not only is it a yummy dish but also a pretty spectacular looking one.



We split the participants into 5 groups, dress them in professional attire and allocate the tasks:

Team 1: cuts the fish and meat into pieces, seasons and skewers it and cooks the shish kebabs in special cauldrons.

Team 2: makes the salads.

Team 3: makes the dressings for the fish and the meat and cooks the rice.

Team 4: these guys have a sweet task of making desserts. How about pouches made of crepes and filled with honey-roasted apples?

Team 5: lays the table.

All the work takes no more than an hour, after all the main reason is to enjoy the feast in Galery69 overlooking the magnificent lake.

our bread

Rye bread, lamb, honey and groats!

Do you like home made sourdough rye bread? Our cook will help you to knead the bread in 10 minutes. Then we’ll leave it to rise for 4 hours and bake it for 1.5 hour. Well, it needs to cool as well so why don’t we make it before the morning fishing expedition? Ah, our daily bread…let it be good and nourishing. In Galery 69 we make our own bread-fragrant rye sourdough with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and flax seeds. This is the bread to keep you healthy and your metabolism sound.  

We share it with our guests and we encourage them to make it at home; of course not everyone is a born baker that’s why we try to make the first loaf together with our guests. I promise, it’s not difficult-5 minutes of kneading, 6-10 hours to let is rest and rise, 1.5 hour in the oven. Once the bread is baked, it must be wrapped in linen and left to cool completely. It tastes heavenly with goat cheese and parsley pesto or honey or just a bit of butter.

Be healthy! Bake your own bread! We will provide you with the recipe and the starter dough.