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Further works by Meggy have appeared in hotel rooms, corridors and the main hall of our gallery, i.e. Artistic Loft. The collection of these works has therefore become an element of our total presentation. After all, Hotel Galery69 is an art gallery as a whole, or to be more precise, it is a work of art in its entirety. Meggy Bernhardt’s painting is another connection that binds the whole – another, not the last one, because I do not rule out the possibility that something else may appear, something that we don’t even feel today. 

So here we have a phenomenon – authorship without borders or something like that in this context. I have completed the collection of Gallery69. After the furniture, lamps and functional objects of my own design (Manufaktura69) the time for painting has come. “A painter is born” Get to know me in a new creative person – Meggy Bernhardt. I invite you to my personal profile – there I explain and describe this whole process of creative expansion.