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Special regulations for the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 is a real threat of a dangerous and unpleasant sickness.

Preventing the spread of the infection is our civil and legal duty.

Violation of this right to health protection of others is punishable by fines and even imprisonment.

The consequence of violation of this right in our facility will be an order to leave the hotel, after the bill for the entire stay has been paid.

A hotel is a place where people unknown to each other meet. We must guarantee to all those who have trusted our security procedures that this is not just fiction, but real action.

We would like tourism to continue to be possible in Poland and in the world – currently, it hangs by a thread.

Please follow the instructions received from the hotel staff regarding the use of common areas such as the restaurant, swimming pool, pier and the use of recreational equipment.

Please confirm that you have read the contents of this important special stay regulations with your own signature when you check in at the hotel. We cannot require the application of laws and regulations – it is not our role – but we may ask you to acknowledge their contents, which we hereby do.

1. Mask and gloves

It doesn’t matter if you’re afraid of the coronavirus or not. 


I wear the mask out of respect for you, you wear it out of respect for me. 

We wear gloves and often disinfect them with disinfectant. 

Don’t give me anything with your bare hand. Out of respect for me. I’ll do it too, out of respect for you. 

The distance is welcome today. Please, keep a safe, unobtrusive distance from the people you pass in the corridors, in the dining room, in the doors, on the platforms.

Distance means respect for the other person. Let the person opposite you feel safe with you.

These special regulations do not replace the usual hotel regulations, but only supplement them.

2. Cleaning SERVICE

Due to the sense of security of all persons, Guests and staff, the rooms will not be refreshed during the guest’s stay. Additional towels and mineral water are available on request. 

For stays longer than 3 nights we will individually arrange time to refresh the room and change the sheets. Due to disinfection procedures, including room ozone, we ask for 3 hours of room availability for cleaning service. During this time you should put items sensitive to ozone into a wardrobe or suitcase. Each Guest will receive comprehensive information about this from the reception. 


The restaurant operates, invites and recommends a renewed menu – adapted to the current improved hygiene standards. 

We offer dishes that have undergone thermal treatment.

Carefully, step by step, we add lettuce, herbs, cottage cheese and vegetable pastes to the menu.

The consumption room is available. However, we observe the limit of the number of people staying in the restaurant simultaneously. Current regulations allow you to remove the mask covering your mouth and nose only after taking a seat at the table.

We serve meals in the “room service” option (for a fee of 15 PLN) or “take away” with own reception – to the table, room, terrace.

Our menu card is available only in electronic version, as it is not possible to ensure sterility of the card in its traditional paper form. 

We understand that not everyone is used to this form of ordering so we will be happy to help – please contact the reception desk by phone. 

4. POOL and SPA.

The pool is offered on an exclusive basis from 7:00 to 23:00. That is 16 hours. There are short breaks for disinfection between each session. Exclusive use of wellness resources is nothing new in our rules. Each reservation over 1 night entitles you to book 1 free hour. For a short stay, 1 hour can be booked for 1 night against payment according to our wellness price list.

SPA services: Due to the rapid increase in the incidence of Covid-19, SPA services were again suspended. Until further notice.

5. COVID-19 - clause

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, until the Polish authorities cancel the pandemic, the hotel makes an additional clause in the general conditions of reservation and cancellation. In particular, if one of the parties is placed in official quarantine and for this reason the Client could not come and use the stay, or the Hotel would have to cancel the Client’s stay, then the parties set a new date of stay for this reservation. The reservation agreement remains unchanged at all other points.