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Whisky bar with the lake in the background….

Before the sunset, after the sunset, it does not matter, Scotch whisky tastes wonderful at any time. Welcome to the land of pleasure!  Inhale the fragrance and relish the flavour. This is a great delight, a feast for the palate and a chance to learn a bit about this superb tipple. A Scottish gentleman in a kilt will make you feel as if you were in in a pub in Scotland, entertain you with old songs and play the bodhran.

The host:

Trevor Hill – A Scotsman and Scottish culture expert, artist, actor and lecturer of the English language, a lover of whisky.. For good measure, he can crack some awesome Polish jokes.

Tomek Żółtowski – a co-host in Galery69 and a student of law. A connoisseur  and admirer of Scotland. Famous for his exquisite cordials.