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For some sport for other relaxation – a wonderful formula for canoeing. You can sway on the wave or fight with it, stand on the glassy surface of the water or enthusiastic cut it with paddle. Our kayaks are not so simple! They have sportiest line so they really flowing, and not stutter water. We also have a very athletic kayaks for advanced paddlers.

Our lake is perfect for one and the other. Sports round around the island or penetrate the shores and numerous islands.

You can rent a kayak at the hotel or get help to organise a river rafting trip.


Intersting spots:
Cormorant Island. Number and size of birds makes huge impression on everyone. They are not small! They eat a few pounds of fish a day and anglers do not like them! It is worth to see them as close as possible and stop for a moment and listen. They are very shy so they do not run away, but they will cry hoarse voice. They look a little bleak and evoke the thrill and excitement.
Nice places: a residential cottage very charming huddling into a lake and entered in the line. You have to flattened a little in a kayak and swim under the bridge.
Herta Island. And here it gets very interesting. From time to time in our hotel appears people associated with the history of the island or seeking the truth about the island. The truth is somewhat shrouded in mystery. It is love, and the tragedy and war and post-war Security Service cruelty. Traces of these stories can be found on the island, and you’ll feel the atmosphere …
The second reservoir. The passage opens the second, a picturesque reservoir lake. There is wild – lots of wood.

Lake is not enough?

For kayakers we have more choices. We recommend two nearby rivers Marózka and Lyna. Unforgettable experiences and emotions. From the perspective of ordinary meadow kayak is so picturesque that it’s hard to describe. Rivers are not particularly well attended, rather rare to find anyone there, so we can be alone with nature! We always organize it in such a way that the operator comes after the guests to the hotel and take them to where they started. Then pick them up at the agreed end of the route.


Lyna theoretically can reach the Pregel, and then into the Baltic Sea. We suggest not to stray too far from us. There is also a space to swim and many things to watch. Lyna is a river with different characteristics and varying landscape. Flows forests, fields, meadows, creating swift breakthroughs and picturesque bend. River varies with the seasons, winter and spring brings a large mass of water, the current is very fast, sometimes violent.

The river begins race at the edge of Mazury and runs through the historic Warmia. It is considered to Pregel in the Kaliningrad region. The initial four-mile stretch is very difficult to flow in the growing of plants season. Section of the reserve “Las Warmia” is always very difficult and cumbersome, it also requires a permit passage of the Provincial Conservator. The center section of the Cabinet Łańsk requires notification of the intention passage. Therefore, we recommend the section from Wolka Orlowska to the lake Łańskiego or even further, by the lake Ustrych to the hydroelectric power station on the mouth of Ustrychu Lyna.

The whole recommended by us section is almost 25 km.



Marózka is one of the most beautiful rivers of Warmia and Mazury. It is not as common as it is Krutynia or Lyna so we can find there solitude and silence. It is ideally suited for short kayaking. Marózka have a source in the middle of the Hump Lubavian, a left tributary of Lyna. It has a very shallow and clear water, so the entire length of the visible world is beautiful with lush aquatic vegetation and fish shoals. Sandy bottom allows for bathing at the entire length of the river, and two large lakes on the route allow camping. The main section runs through a wooded area. In many places the stones on the bottom, fallen trees and fast current form rapids, which requires some experience of canoeing. Along the route there are two tedious and long portage. The river flows through the Mazury area and falls into the Lyna in the historical boundary of Warmia – Kurki. Trail can be directly continued the River Lyna.

We Recommend route Marózka to its confluence with the River Lyna and continue to the lake Łańsk. Recommended by us stretch is nearly 11 km. Time: about 5 hours with bathing and picnic.