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Cycle or hiking boots

Expedition to Reserve

Yes! The expedition, not a walk. What does it mean? This is significantly more involved – not necessarily more effort – and adequate attitude. The expedition have to be prepared and it is the essence of all the action: what we will take with us will allow us to get fully benefit from the advantages of the route. First of all: outfit. Comfortable hiking boots are essential. Forest roads have its own characteristics, that are not perfectly even, sometimes we have to bypass the pool, also they are skewed and tend rut. In order to effectively avoid this we need to have a proven shoes [not new]. The rest of the outfit depends on the weather. It is good to have in your backpack something warmer, even a small blanket – as we find a charming place to relax either we can sit on him or vest it.  

On the journey we have to take something to eat. This gives a deeper meaning to the trip. Sandwiches and a thermos of coffee is a simple solution but is it really what we want? Perhaps rather canteen and a small gas cylinder? Water taken from the river [water like crystal] and make a fresh crucible brass excellent coffee with a pinch of salt and cardamom? A very important part of the expedition is the length of the route and the time you want to devote to it. The more the better. Hurry while relaxing is not indicated. This is it about introduction and encouragement.

Now our completely materialized proposal:

Route 1: Reserve of Warmia Forest. Objective: Lyna river.

Bike option:  24 miles biking, 4 km walk, time: 2.5 hours.

Tour option: 28 km, time: 5-6 hours.

This expedition could set off alone and use the map received from us, but in the case when we take some trip organizations we offer a package guide.

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  • Red Route is a paved road, 80% asphalt [asphalt is already very bitten by tooth of time and dates from the time when the area was available only for the communist dignitaries], 20% sand. It leads from the hotel to the locks and hydroelectric power station on the River Lyna, at the point where it emerges from the lake Ustrych. It is very attractive place. Length of 12 km from the hotel Galery69.
  • The yellow route are mosses and sands and path forest animals. Perfect to enjoy your eyes on the wild rapids and crystal river. It is worth to go 2 km down the river and back. Together to move on foot: 4km.
  • Place the bait: it is worth to stop here for coffee and a croissant or make a meal. We recommend bathing in the river, and especially adopt for those golden tips: to flow with the current of about 1km, and then come back the ide. Massage warranted because the current is very fast. Water sometimes is above the waist so it’s not that simple. You have to try pretty well. Of course, any time you can get out of the river and back by land.
  • Equipment from Galery69: blanket, coffee [ground] or tea, coffee casserole, pot for boiling water, a small gas cylinder, Yeast croissants with jam. Also, a full lunch: a stew with beans to reheat, bread, pancakes and jam. For cycling team: saddlebags. For walkers: backpacks and wanderer stick..

The hotel has a small bicycle rental service. A bicycle is available for 15 PLN for each commenced hour.

And they went into the forest

towards the rushing crystal river...