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Golf course

18-hole championship golf course (par 72)

The nearby Naterki [6km: 6 minutes: GPS: N 53 ° 43’49 “E 20 ° 22’20”] is an 18-hole championship golf course (par 72). Project of the field was made by the the world’s oldest company of golf course architects – Hawtree Ltd. from Great Britain, led by Martin Hawtree. Extraordinary beauty and diversity of Warmia landscape topography of MG & CC fields meant that it was very interesting for the players – both experienced and novice.

Interesting! In order to novice players (par 3) we created a six-hole golf course providing the ability to quickly savor the charm of game on a real golf course at the very beginning of education in the discipline of sports. In this field you can play without a Green Card.

Every Sunday from 5th May 2013 until the end of September 2013 at 12.00 you can use free golf lessons. So anyone who wants to try will be expected in the field by friendly instructors who are committed to provide the game of golf as best they can. Just wear a sport suit [but without heel] and try it. For this reason, it is worth to stay longer – guests who will declair their play on the field will be able to keep the room to return of the field. And, of course, have lunch on our sunny terrace.

Masuria Golf Academy Golf & Country Club

The Academy is designed that way it can meet the needs of players at all levels - from beginners to professionals.

It’s fair to say that this is a complete object, consisting of complementary parts:

Driving range
Room to conduct lessons
Putting green
Chipping green with bunker
Putting and chipping green
6-hole practice course

One of its main elements is the Driving Range with eighteen independent, roofed stands. They allow you to play in many different conditions. While training there you can excel at in front of you, throughout the range’u, nine training greens. In each cabin is a map, showing distances to various greens. Driving Range MG & CC stands out among other length, which is about 300 meters and allows simultaneous play from both sides.

Various platforms allow you to play from the mats and grass, which produce effects resembling terrain and conditions on the golf course. For those who wish to train in silence and solitude there is a possibility to play with grassy stations, located on the opposite end.

In the middle of the covered part of the Academy, there is a room with mirrors, which hosts the majority of individual lessons. Mirrors help the student in observing and correcting errors during the swinging.



Near the driving range, there are three training greens : to training putting – next to the club house, to chipping, pitching and play from bunker – green closest to the driving range, and a short distance from it – it is third green to putting and chipping. The last two greens are surrounded by hilly terrain which allows the exercise reflects the natural conditions in the field.

Another very important element that varies the workout in MG & CC is a 6-hole Golf Course. It is the newest object of the Academy,  where you can play from September 2008, extending on both sides of the tenth hole large field. Although field is small and has only a fairly short par 3 holes, but almost all of them can be quite a challenge, not only for beginning players. They are characterized by a small but heavily wrinkled greens, and the fact that almost all of the wells have a large difference in height between the start and the green. This causes the game here require high impact assess skills in distance and short game practice. It is suitable not only for beginners, but also as an excellent training ground for the more advanced players.

For novice golfers it is waiting specialized coaching staff that skillfully bring them to the secrets, rules, and will see the label of golf. However, the Golf Academy MG & CC can learn not only the beginners. The tutorials are also invited intermediate and advanced level players who wish to improve their game and lower their handicap.