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Pod pełnymi żaglami

na Dezetach!

The Wulpińskie Lake is a sight to behold and a source of delight in all seasons. We admire it, sail on it, swim in it, skate on it and hurtle on it in iceboats. The choices are endless. Just remember to take some oilskins- the weather can be finicky- and wellies, white soled, of course, as the sailing etiquette dictates. And once you have braved the elements nothing tastes better than a glass of grog in the bar.

The DZ

DZ (Dezeta) is the most popular ketch on inland waters used by sailors training to obtain skippers’ certificate. Designed in Germany in 1905 DZ was originally used as a rescue boat. Hull length- 8.5 m, maximum width- 2.15 m, the height of the mast (mainsail)- 5.50m, the weight 1120kg, ballast 210 kg, the surface of the sails 29.1 square m, foresail- 3.90 square m, mainsail 15.70 square m, mizzen 9.50 square m, 10 oars, maximum crew-12.

The DZ boats we have on offer are the property of YKP (Yacht Club Poland) and are available on request. Make your wish and the seasoned sea wolves will take you on a cruise and show you what real sailing is all about. Ahoy!

other arrangement

DZ is a perfect choice whether you want to give it all and experience adrenaline rush or just go for a romantic expedition on the lake. Sometimes we use it as a stage – ah, the unforgivable concert of Anna Maria Jopek in August 2009.

Landing on a desert island

Drinking rum and coke !