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Wulpińskie lake

We would like to note that our hotel is located on a lake … and the lake does not have to serve only to contemplate the wonderful views with the sunset in the lead role, but it can also be used for recreation and become a renewable source of your energy! So we recommend sailing! Water and ice sailing. Wind is an element, and caught in the sails serves us like a faithful servant. Water splashing, flapping sails and the sun sparkles on the waves – who doesn’t know what are we talking about,  needs to know. Welcome to Carina, Ahoy!

Our rental boot

Very easy to drive sea-cab yacht, which in case of bad weather serves as a shelter for travelers. Excellent for the tourist visiting the lake. You can rent it out for the presentation of a patent, or rent a helmsman.

Yacht ballast – pound class Manta christened as “Pegasus”. It takes on board 4 people + 1 helmsman


Class: Manta, length [m]: 5.2, width [m]: 1.92, sailing gear type: sloop sail area m2]: 15, blade [m2]: 10, Seal [m2]: 5, Weight boat [T]: 0.6, draft [m]: 0.6, lateral plane type resistance: keel, ballast weight / sword and ballast: 300 kg