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many threads one place
fashioned from dreams of fleeting moods, of breakfast with a lake view, of beauty which inspires and fans the flames of desire, and of the enchanted spirits of inanimate objects. Lovingly tailored, perfectly fitting the authors’ lifestyle, and to the lifestyle of all unfettered dreamers. A unique product, signed with Manufaktura69’s brand of design.

Małgosia & Wojtek a true story…

..told by us.
Hotel Galery69 is our personal creation. Our holistic design influence runs from the external looks to the interior, select furniture and objects d’art to the menu and music. Our driving force has always been the need to create and transform our surroundings in harmony with our vision and understanding of aesthetics. Our design pattern confronts established trends, and our style cannot easily be assigned a name. Passion infuses our creative drive; we discard templates in the trash. We’re a couple in all respects: we draw using the same pencil, we care for our children and share our home, the same things make us laugh, we’re both Capricorn.

In building this hotel we had one goal – to create an object which demonstrates what we do. A manifesto of sorts. The product of human hands is of prime importance to us, so our ethos will always prefer handcrafted to machine-tooled. We have never been tempted to replicate our furniture on a mass scale, as this would remove the human element. Everything in Galery69 is hand-made, step by step, without stress or compromise, in loving detail. Simple and clear, without exaggerated form, but with honesty and quality. Achieving ideal harmony of mind requires harmony of the physical being. We draw pleasure from tormenting our bodies with extreme sports. Whether riding horses at full tilt on narrow forest trails, long-distance swimming, or sailing during storms, we lose ourselves to the moment as though nothing else existed, then pick up interrupted threads of thought with our minds refreshed. We hope our hotel will tell its guests how to achieve their own harmony – all we ask for is an open mind. Join us and live the Galery69 lifestyle.

Małgosia & Wojciech